I’m a problem seeker and solver. 


What problems are we facing tomorrow,
because of the changes made today?

I’m a concept creator. Through using new and digital media, with a background in graphic design and photography, I endeavour to raise awareness on a personal and direct level.

I’m a caretaker. 
With a fascination for social behaviour 
and mindcare  combined with (un)ethical
principles that are left unspoken.  


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The Refined Mind

Conversation piece

When traumatic events aren’t properly processed, the mind can hold back from living a careless life.
The mind fails in putting the memory in its place. It expects us to understand that it will need more care and attention to process.
Today, we can process trauma through therapies that can take up years until recovery.

The Refined Mind is a conversation starter. What can future technologies do to help processing traumatic events? What if trauma recovery takes up only one treatment? During the experience the viewer is being exposed to a utopic scenario as well as a dystopic scenario in order to start the conversation.

The Refined Mind is an interactive installation. Interested in the full experience? Contact here.

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Public Gaze

In collaboration with Loïs de Vries

Live video installation
Artificial Intelligence

The panoptic gaze is the idea of a silent, invisible observer that subconsciously controls all aspects of life. In today’s society, the government executes this role well by using digital surveillance in almost every way possible. Citizens are being filmed, tracked and profiled by camera’s and AI systems. The panoptic system determines the relationship between government and citizen. With the installation Public Gaze we intervened in this system by adding one element:
the confrontation.
Showing live camera footage changes power dynamics which makes the citizens equal participants in the surveillance process.

18/05/'19 exhibited at Mono, Eco Festival

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In collaboration with Max Rentmeester
Machine Learning

How-To Nonsense is a reaction on the usage of How-To guides. Online communities share enormous databases with tutorials that are accessible for anyone who want to learn anything.
These guides come with the consequence of being biased, low quality of knowledge and not having any neutrality policies.

We removed human aspects by training a computer to understand the language of How-To's. After training, the computer was able to generate new titles.
The results reflect the thoughtless side of online communities that can teach you anything.